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Singapore and Malaysia hotels, flights. The website have established in 2012. Today is a daily updated information for all countries, regions and Islands in the world, as well as opportunities for independent travel. On the website, you can booking hotels – more than 350 thousand hotels, booking airline ticket – more than 120 airlines.

We work with tourist offices and information centers, as well as airlines, airports, hotels, mobile operators and travel agencies, allowing us to create an extensive and flexible information system.

On the website is unique and largest information on Singapore and Malaysia truism, their culture and history, stories about journeys, and many others. Categories “Photo news”, “Reviews” and “Personal experience” allow readers to learn information about the country in detail and first hand. Many publications in these sections is exclusive.

Today one of the most popular tourist resources in Internet. Independent companies regularly research our audience. In high season visit up to 80 000 unique people a day, a month – up to 2 million.

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